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Meredith & Rising: West Cleveland and Western Suburbs

Meredith and Rising Construction is the top Cleveland’s concrete and excavation companies.

We are built around the premise of being your Professional Best Friend (as you see throughout the website).

We resolve problems with honesty, creativity, transparency, and collaboration.

Think of all the projects you have tackled with your best friend over the years.

Let’s take this project on together, enjoying the process of making your dream a satisfying reality.

A Few Words From Owner

We believe in fairness, integrity, and honesty as our corporate values. We break down our proposals so that you are not only shown our actual costs, but also our expected profit from the satisfactory completion of your work. We do not see the contracting business as an adversarial process, but as a win/win opportunity for partnership with our customers. I believe in our team and our customers have come to believe in us too.

Call or Text us at (216) 496-8815 to set up a visit for a FREE Estimate. (You can even send us a picture of the work you need to be done!) We are West Cleveland natives and we take great pride in our company.

Team Leader

Over the past 57 years of building and contracting, I have developed some great professional friends. A few of them, through their actions and their integrity, have proven to be Best Friends. We want to share this team of best friends with you in order to provide an enjoyable, satisfying, and economical solution to the construction challenge you are dealing with.

Yes, the tree is hugging him back!!

Construction Partner

My 40+ years of construction work, primarily in excavation, concrete, plumbing, and residential repairs have given me a great deal of experience and confidence in our ability to help you figure out the best path with your project. And then to complete it properly with good communication and follow through.

Hard to Believe A Crew This Good Looking Can Finish Concrete!

Construction Partner

I have worked with my Dad since I was 8 years old and have always been interested in building things. I am currently in an apprentice entrepreneurial construction program with Jim Adkins Construction. I plan to be working construction part-time while I am completing my business degree at Lorain Community College/Cleveland State over the next couple of years. I have some ideas I think we can build our business on.

Max is an aspiring motocross champion

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